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“For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”

– Owen Arthur

What has been the primary focus/project this term? 

We are currently planning the implementation of a solid waste management system to prevent the burning of plastics in the village. We hope to develop a comprehensive pilot program that emphasizes source segregation, accessible collection centers, and routine transport of wastes outside the village. We are also focusing on surveys to refine the logistics of the waste management system and gauge problems to address with future projects.

What has the project group accomplished or worked on in past terms?


Access to Care: Telehealth Initiative (Fall 2021)

Put together a foundational outline of our telehealth initiative.

Program was spearheaded by at the Bharog PHC and was primarily an informal WhatsApp-based platform to increase ease of access to medical advice.

Cancer Education Camp (India Trip 2019)

Educational camps with GCCI (Global Cancer Concern India) to help alleviate some of the villagers’ stress pertaining to cancer

Ocular Camp (India Trip 2017 and 2018)

Collaborated with VisionSpring to host a series of ocular camps

Optometrist from VisionSpring screened villagers and delivered reading and prescription glasses if necessary.

What is the group hoping to work on in future terms?


Setting up mobile clinics with local medical school students in Bharog and making it a sustainable initiative that can take place without RISHI’s presence in Bharog

Increasing awareness about nutritional education for students in schools through sustainable means

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