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"Women are the future of society"


What has been the primary focus/project this term? 


The Women's Project Group is committed to educating and spreading awareness concerning menstruation and menstrual hygiene, with the intent to make discourse surrounding menstruation a much more comfortable topic. Additionally, they focused on reaching out to local doctors that offer a more comfortable and knowledgeable space for the women to ask questions regarding their health. The group is prioritizing providing more sustainable menstrual hygiene products for the women with a partnership with PINKISHE, and ultimately ensuring an establishment of trust with the women in the village.

Additionally the team is also expanding to empower the women of the village in becoming financially independence through various means of financial educational and work opportunities. These efforts are to be expanded by establishing a partnership with the local Self Help Groups in the village to find and distribute resources and opportunities for the women. Collaborating with the Rainwater Harvesting Team to support women in agriculture is also another goal for the team for this year!

past projects:

  • 2015:

    • Became acquainted with Mahila Mandal group

    • Assisted village women with finding sustainable markets in USA

  • 2016:

    • Became acquainted with Sewing group

    • Introductory Financial Literacy Packet

  • 2017

    • Women’s Health Camp

  • 2018:

    • Women’s Financial Empowerment Camp

    • Basket weaving sessions with Mahila Mandal group with the hope of the village women selling their products

  • 2020: COVID mask ditribution ​

  • 2022: Menstruation Health and Hygiene Workshop

    • In collaboration with PINKISHE​

    • Female gynecologist presented to 200 women and young girls in the village about the importance of menstrual health and hygiene.

    • Distributed 1000 reusable pads to the women in the village

  • 2023: Gynecologist Telehealth Program

    • Piloted a telehealth program at the Public Health Center in the village ​

    • Partnered with TeleUpchaar to provide a gynecologist for remote consultation to women in the village

    • Collaborated with the local doctor and a health worker to coordinate telehealth day. 


future projects:

  1. Telehealth Project: troubleshooting a solution that enables low-bandwidth communication between people in Bharog and medical professionals. Barrier to accessing the Public Health Center for villagers residing farther away. 

  2. Menstrual hygiene & sexual wellness education initiatives: correcting misinformation.

  3. Financial Empowerment Workshops: through the support of the Self Help Groups to educate and inform the women of different opportunities present to acquire earning opportunities.

  4. Pad-Manufacturing Entrepreneurship Program: enabling women with a long-term working opportunity to create environment-friendly and sustainable reusable pad. 

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